Spotlit Shadows (2014) ​

baltzerglass created a site-specific installation for the rooftop lounge of the McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The challenge was to create an immersive environment for an evening celebrating the nexus between music and art. Specially designed vignettes were combined with sculpture, live performances and video projection to create an interactive experience for the guests.

Coherence (2014) ​

A site specific installation, for the 2014 Governor's Island Art Fair, that explores the nature of the baltzerglass collaboration. A painting by each artist, on either side of the room, is connected by a system of parts that reach through and connect the sculptures made in collaboration. It illuminates both the aesthetic preferences of each and their common ground.

Cat​birdSeat (2014)

A six-foot tall fountain made from re-purposed found objects and de-commissioned instruments.  Inspired in part by Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, it is a playful examination of the nexus between visual art and music. While its mechanical systems are hidden away behind an array of reconfigured flutes and clarinets, hand-patinaed symbols and chromed birds with stained-glass tails, it offers a plethora of visual surprises.

Preterition (2013)
A repurposed shop-vac brimming with electronics evokes the 1970's hopefulness for a utopian society.  Its inhabitants nest in comfort within the bowels of the machine.

Irradiance (2013)

A space heater used to evoke the great promise of Victorian society, turned dystopian trap for its inhabitants caught in the rat-race of their daily existence.
Redemption Song (2013)A fountain made primarily from a saxophone, this and all other fountains by baltzerglass are intended for meditative reflection. We challenge viewers to think about their lives, our world, and the way things ought to be.

Eutrophia (2012)

A site specific, found object and mixed-media kinetic installation. Eutrophia is an allegory of the art market where live gerbils depict art collectors roaming the system looking for their prize.

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