First shown at the (UN)FAIR in 2014 and re-outfitted for the Governor's Island Art Fair, Preterition is a repurposed shop vac crammed with electronics to evoke a robot representing the hopefulness for an utopian future that pervaded 1960 - 70's American society. The robot's head is made from a kid's GE Show and Tell record player, made to look like a disco, where the gerbils are sometimes on display busting a move.  The bowels of the canister are where they nest, and snaking around both in- and outside of the structure are a series of tubes that the gerbils navigate - one leading to the robot's pet - a motorized dog.  At Governor's Island, the robot was outfitted with a space ship, accessible by an eight foot vertical tube installed to look like a smoke trail, in which the gerbils represented the fulfilled dream of manned space travel.