First shown at the (UN)FAIR in 2014 and re-imagined for the Governor's Island Art Fair later that year, Irradiance ‚Äčis constructed around the shell of a 1950's space heater that caught fire in the studio in the 1990's.  To outward appearances, the housing is an ominous cage for which animals to be trapped.  In contrast to critics of the concept of humans keeping pets - many of whom voiced their disapproval of supporting the "Pet Store Industrial Complex" in any manner, daniel and Mikel, who strongly disagree with that viewpoint (for very different reasons from each other) agree that the aesthetics of the habitat are of complete non-concern for its inhabitants.  The fact is that the gerbils are housed within a complex habitat, equipped with secret lairs and even a gym, living in relative luxury compared to any of their counterparts - including their cousins who live in the desert amongst snakes and predatory bird with a life expectancy of a few weeks.