In 2012, two art collectors in Virginia named Grace and David Lawson contacted New York artists daniel Baltzer and Mikel Glass, working collectively as Baltzerglass, to create a room-sized installation in the Lawsons’ living room. In addition to being art collectors, the Lawsons are avid game hunters. Baltzerglass thus created “Eutrophia”, an interactive, room-sized installation work featuring mechanical contraptions, mounted animal heads, live gerbils, and art pieces. “Eutrophia” deconstructs the trophy-collecting impulse, whether the trophies are artworks or animal heads. One condition of the work was that the Lawsons had to agree to care for the live gerbils incorporated into the piece for the animals’ natural lifespans. The Lawsons’ time spent in caring for animals instead of hunting them as trophies incorporated a portrait in negative of trophy hunting by forcing the hunters to engage in the exact opposite of trophy hunting.

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