First shown at the ArtHamptons Fair in 2014, Catbird Seat is a six-foot tall fountain made from re-purposed found objects and de-commissioned instruments. Within an array of reconfigured flutes and clarinets, hand-patinaed symbols and chromed birds with stained-glass tails, water flows from finger hole ports, becomes captured and gets redistributed, and then continues its journey.  Meanwhile, steam randomly spills out of an internally lit catch basin made from a chromed truck hubcap.  Exploring the nexus between elegance and industry results in many visual and auditory surprises.  Above it all, at eye-level to the viewer in the catbird seat, a pair of birds greets us, hoping that we too can find a peaceful perch amidst the surrounding chaos.

Inspired in part by Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, wherein the clarinet is a cat and the flute a bird, the Catbird Seat is a playful examination of the state of being achievable by believing wholeheartedly in a truth. "Faith," no matter how derived, informs one's daily choices that form the basis of a world view. While the flow of the water, a metaphor for life, is attempted to be controlled, it invariably also seeks its own path.  This combination of determined versus random occurrence helps coalesce the divergent philosophies of the artists, as the water ultimately settles in the river rocks below.



Catbird Seat